Slightly Updated Browser Version:

  • Controller support
  • New enemies do not spawn until the first one is defeated

H-Fuse is a retro inspired shoot 'em up with only one health bar that everything shares.

Push for a high score against the onslaught of menacing alien threats!

Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019.

Engine:  Unity

Sprite Editor:

SFX Maker:

Music: "w1x" by Rolemusic

The original Game Jam version is still downloadable for Windows


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Again, a crazy novel idea. A little twist that adds so much new flavor and experience an existing thing. You even had sound, FX, feedback and an extremely clear tutorial.

I loved that i had a safe space to read an digest the tutorial and that the death screen shows me information still (as opposed to a total blackout screen with only "Game Over"), so I can understand what happened and learn from it.

I couldn't devise any in genius ways to use the heal and shoot mechanic much, maybe because the enemy bullet was hailing at me so quickly I entered a reflex panic action instead with no time for thinking or experimentation.

Beautiful. Amazing work for a game jam

Thanks so much!  I'm glad you liked it.  It was a struggle to balance the pace so that it wasn't too slow to be dull, but not too fast that the players have to rely on reflexes and can't strategize.  I think the game could be improved in this area.

I really like the idea, however, the gameplay just doesn't really create any kind of flow for me. Maybe it's because the player doesn't get enough time to get used to the mechanic. I think an issue is that the mechanic doesn't really ... "come to play" for me. I didn't get to use it in a clever way, and so it was rather just a pretty short and frustrating shmup for me.

But don't let my comment bring you down, like I said, I can see you put some thought into it, maybe with one or two tweaks, you can really make it good (even for me), and maybe others will find it very enjoyable! :-)

Thanks for the feedback!  The idea was that players could modulate their own difficulty by healing whenever they want.  So a newer player could take it slow and heal a lot, while a more experienced player could almost never heal, play on the razor's edge of failure, and get a better score as a result.  I'm not too sure how successful that was, however.